Foto: Kate Afanasyeva
Diane has been modeling since she was 17. This summer she even got signed by the modeling agency Frame Perfect. She’s 24 years old, but already at the age of 14 she was told, she had a special look. Some years ago she moved to London to pursue her dreams about modeling. With more than 60.000 followers on Instagram, you can without hesitation say that she’s on the right track. Get behind the scenes in the fashion industry with Diane. Enjoy! 
Foto: Kate Afanasyeva
How is it honestly to be a model?
It is hard work, but it is very rewarding. It is also very competitive, and you get to learn a lot every day. I have learned about social media, make up, hair, photography, music and art thanks to modeling. I have also learnt Spanish and French. I can even understand some Italian thanks to it.
How is it living from your looks, isn’t it hard having to look good all the time? 
It’s a hard job, but once again it’s rewarding in the short and in the long term. I love modeling because I feel good on the inside, and it shows on my face literally. It boosts my self-esteem you know. Also, it’s not only about the looks. Personality and intelligence play a huge part in the career as well. 
Best thing about being a model?
The best thing is that it gives me the things I could only dream about! Thanks to the dream of becoming a model I’ve met amazing people like Vika Falileeva,Victoria Kosenkova, Jahna Sebastian, Deborah St. Louis and many more. I even had dinner with a very famous rap producer from New York this summer. As you see, you meet new people all the time. To add more, you learn a lot of new things. I haven’t learnt even a quarter of that in the classroom yet. Just like Drake: “I’m addicted to this life and it will be hard to quit”. I would even say impossible.
Worst thing about being a model?
Losing friends and your boyfriend/girlfriend over the job. I left my ex because I wanted to model so bad and he held me back. Do I regret it? Not even a single bit! I will sacrifice everything that stands in my way. 
Favourite brand/designer?
I have a lot, but my biggest dream is working with Balmain because Olivier Rousteing loves strong women, and I am one for sure. As for make-up it’s MAC, Chanel and L’Oreal.
What are your dreams?
As a model I want to be featured in Vogue and land a September Cover of Vogue US. Also working with Balmain,Victoria’s Secret  and other  brands. Each brand has something special to be honest. I also want to get a role in America’s Horror Story. 
How is it backstage at a fashion show?
It’s very busy, but it’s fun. I won’t swap that atmosphere for the 9 to 5  job. 
Foto: Kate Afanasyeva
What do you think of the ideals of beauty in the fashion industry?
To me most of the ideals are realistic and a lot of them can be achieved. However, they require a lot of hard work and dedication. 
What is your opinion about the criticism of you models being too skinny? 
Personally, I find it very unreasonable towards today’s models. To add more, models are ectomorphs in most of the cases. The genetics should not be criticised. They do not starve, instead it is hard for them to gain weight due to the way they are built. I  know it myself as I tried to bulk back in 2014. It was a real struggle. 
Foto: Erwin Usman & Kate Afanasyeva
What do you think about the fashion industry promoting and showing perfect looking girls?
Models are paid to look perfect. It is their full-time job which takes a lot of dedication and hard work.
Do you think there should be more “normal” size or plus size models? 
In my opinion the industry already offers a large diversity. 
Why do you think models have to be so skinny?
The main reason is selling clothes. The industry is about showcasing the ideas of fashion and not about telling people that they have to look like models.
Foto: Dayo Awe
Thank you so much to Diane for taking part in this interesting interview. I’m so glad you wanted to! There’s a lot of things that surprised me about being a professionel model. What surprised you the most? And if you want to know more about Diane, then you can find her on Instagram: Here.